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Why is Meghan Markle called Walmart Wallis?


Why is Meghan Markle called Walmart Wallis?

Royal fans are trolling Meghan Markle after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided only Prince Harry would go to the UK to attend the coronation.

The former American actress was called Walmart Wallis in an online campaign targeting Meghan after report emerged that she wanted to deny King Charles the chance to meet his grandchildren.

Wallis is a reference to Wallis Simpson, the American socialite who married a British king 80 years ago while Walmart’a name was used to ridicule Meghan over her multiple photos taken outside grocery stores on different occasions.

In 1936 Britain’s King Edward VIII decided to abdicate the throne in order to marry Simpson, an American divorcee.

Wallis Simpson died in Paris at age 89 in 1986, 14 years after the death of Edward, who was ostracized by the royal family after his abdication and marriage.

Meghan’s supporters like to draw comparisons between the Duchess of Sussex and late Princess Diana while her critics think Prince Harry is more like Wallis Simpson.


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