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6 hidden Karachi food gems Irfan Junejo wants you to try | The Express Tribune


YouTuber Irfan Junejo has taken it upon himself to culture all those unaware of the rich history of some of Karachi’s iconic delicacies – especially the GenZ who are busy munching on fast food and fine dining places.

While pizza places and burger joints have their own charm, nothing beats a fresh plate of nalli nihari topped with spices and a hot piping naan straight from the tandoor – a combo that Junejo calls an “elite” one. But the vlogger does not just go to famous food eateries in the city but is exploring and giving the limelight to those that have existed for decades and have kept up with the quality and taste from their inception.

From the best thailay wale french fries to mouth-watering Gol Gappay to Fish Katakat, you have got to try these desi places located on the “other side of the bridge”, as recommended by Junejo.

1. Javed Nihari

Top of the list is the world-famous Javed Nihari – a dream started by Haji Javed in a small shop. There are two locations in Karachi; one in Federal B Area and the other at Tariq Road. However, the former one at Dastagir no 14 is the one where it all began.

2. Jilloo Bhai Bunkabab

Imagine being so confident in your craft that you get famous without even having a name for your business. Zulfiqar, the owner of a small bun kabab thela located at Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 14, almost flexes that his ‘benaam thela’ does not need a name at this point. Junejo, in his shoutout video, describes the first bite of this delicacy as the feeling of meeting an old friend.

3. Fish Katakat

“Two things happened in 1965 that are still famous. One, you already know and the second is right behind me,” says Junejo in a video that introduces us to the mouth-watering (and burning too) treat that Fish Katakat is. Titled Mashallah Fish Katakat, the restaurant is located at Liaquatabad, Dak Khana and is highly recommended by the vlogger!

4. Mishkil Khan’s Afghani Boti

Located at Al-Asif Square, Junejo says you’re missing out on life if you haven’t tried “the man, the myth, the legend Mishkil Khan’s Afghani Boti.” Cooked to perfection, the tender spicy meat melts right in your mouth.

4. Raees Qorma

Located at Landhi, Raees Qorma uses all chemistry lessons to make a “banger” according to Junejo. With its acidic spices combined with the bases in curd, the dish is an infusion of neutralised spices and no other Qorma can beat this one!

5. Bapu Naseeb Gol Gappay

Can you imagine a thaila located at the same place with the same menu and same taste and run by the same person for the past 40 years? If not, you’ve got to try Bapu Naseeb’s Gol Gappy from Bhaijaan Chowk, Aisha Manzil next. It’ll leave you craving the same taste from the same shop – almost addictive!

6. Memon Fries

“There are two types of fries in Karachi; one that is available at fast food chains and the other that you eat on your way back from tuition and this is the second type,” said Junejo and the introduction is enough. To get you more pumped, Memon Fries, located at Bhaijaan Chowk, Aisha Manzil, has a special secret sauce that only the owner and the son know!

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