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The cage match is back: Musk says the fight will ‘be live-streamed on X’


Elon Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s cage match will be livestreamed on Musk’s Twitter, currently rebranding as X, according to a tweet from Musk posted early this morning. Musk says the proceeds will go to charity for veterans. Zuckerberg has not issued a similar statement.

The cage match goes back to June, when the two billionaires agreed to the fight via a series of social media posts on their respective platforms (Musk on Twitter, Zuckerberg on Instagram). Talk of the fight has been relatively quiet since the end of June though, and in late July, a Reuters story quoted the Zuck as saying he wasn’t sure if the fight would “come together.”

Whether this actually means the fight will happen is still up in the air, especially given Zuckerberg’s comment last month, without confirmation from Zuckerberg and company.

We’ve reached out to both Meta and Twitter about Musk’s comment, and will update if we hear more.


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