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Claudia Ciesla: My Food Philosophy Has Always Been To Keep Eating And Keep Losing – News18

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Born to Polish-German parents on February 12th in Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland, Claudia Ciesla nurtured aspirations for greatness from childhood. Despite humble beginnings, she tirelessly pushed her limits. Her modeling journey began at 17 in Germany, where she gained prominence and clinched titles like “German Super Girl” and “Snow Queen” in Austria. She made her mark in India through the reality show “BigBoss” and transitioned into the Hindi film industry.

Claudia, driven and resolute, believes in overcoming challenges. Notably, she’s a certified nutritionist and is all set to launch her show Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla, marking another milestone in her illustrious journey. We ask Ciesla about the show and her upcoming projects.

Question 1: Could you share the pivotal moment that led you to shift your focus from the glamour industry to nutrition and wellness? What inspired this transformation?

Answer: My passion for nutrition and my career in showbiz go hand in hand. In the entertainment industry, looking and feeling your best is vital. I realised the importance of maintaining a healthy and fit body, not just for appearance but for overall well-being. This ignited my passion for food and nutrition, as I wanted to understand and nourish my body better. So, I delved deeper into studying nutrition and its impact on health. I wrote my first book “Keep Eating Keep Losing,” with Sonakshi Sinha’s foreword and Suniel Shetty’s launch, in 2016. To become an author felt like a natural step for me, as I wanted to share my knowledge and guide the readers to improve their quality of life by adapting a healthy lifestyle.

Question 2: As a renowned nutritionist and wellness expert, you’re bringing your expertise to a larger audience with your upcoming show “Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla.” Can you tell us more about the show’s concept?

Answer 2: My food philosophy has always been to keep eating and keep losing. Which means that I navigate people towards a healthy lifestyle, that is balanced nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep and emotional wellbeing; so they can reduce the extra weight & unwanted inches without drastically reducing food intake or compromising on favourite dishes or taste. Over the years people started believing that dieting is an uncomfortable & complicated journey. However, with my talk show “Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla” I guide people to develop a healthy lifestyle which they can comfortably follow for the rest of their life. It’s important to know your body well enough to set realistic goals and understand what you are comfortable with.


Question 3: Achieving a degree in Diet and Nutrition demanded dedication. What challenges did you encounter? How does this knowledge enhance your nutrition counselling approach?

Answer 3: Indeed, it demanded dedication and hard work. The challenges I encountered included managing my time effectively between my career commitments and scholar pursuits. However, my passion for the subject and the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives kept me motivated throughout the journey.

Becoming a certified nutritionist has significantly enhanced my nutrition counselling approach. It has provided me with a strong scientific foundation, allowing me to better understand the complex relationship between food and the human body. This knowledge enables me to offer evidence-based advice and practical solutions tailored to each individual’s unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Question 4: In your book, “Keep Eating Keep Losing,” you challenge the perception of dieting. Why do you believe it can change the way people approach their eating habits?

Answer 4: In my book, “Keep Eating Keep Losing,” I challenge the perception of dieting because I believe that the traditional approach to dieting often leads to short-term results and unsustainable habits. Many diets promote restrictive eating, which can be torturous and demotivating in the long run. I suggest a positive and enjoyable approach to eating, where individuals embrace a balanced and wholesome diet as a sustainable lifestyle change.

By focusing on the concept of “Keep Eating Keep Losing,” I aim to shift people’s mindset away from quick fixes and fad diets. Instead, I encourage them to develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. This transformational approach to dieting empowers individuals to take control of their well-being, make healthier choices, and experience long-term positive changes.

Question 5: With your background in nutrition and wellness, what unique approach does “Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla” take to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy body?

Answer 5: With my background in nutrition and wellness, my unique approach in “Weight & Watch” lies in promoting a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Unlike traditional dieting approaches that often involve deprivation and quick fixes, I suggest embracing a positive and enjoyable path to healthy living. I believe that a healthy diet should not be about torture or tasteless food but should instead be seen as a nourishing and pleasurable experience.

Further, by offering evidence-based advice and practical solutions, I tailor the guidance to each individual’s specific needs, goals, and lifestyle. The show not only addresses weight management but also tackles lifestyle-related health issues, such as diabetes and chronic diseases, through practical changes in diet and exercise. Through my show viewers will gain valuable insights into the transformative impact of adopting a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.

Question 6: How do you plan to inspire and guide viewers toward a healthier lifestyle through your show “Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla”?

Answer 6: I think nowadays people are largely influenced by the overdose of advertisement and information online. On the one hand, it is great that people are trying to educate themselves and gain knowledge about healthy lifestyles, but on the other side too much information leads to confusion and hence we end up following trends or giving up on diets. My talk show is cutting the myths and misconceptions, making it simple for the viewers to incorporate the knowledge into their life. Moreover, through “Weight & Watch” I’m explaining how to build new habits and how that can help in achieving individual goals. I’ll show you a way to turn your body into a beautifully working machine, which will help you to be successful, positive, and you will be able to utilise your day to the fullest.

Question 7: Can you describe the inspiration or specific moment that led you to the thought of organising the show ‘Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla’ in India?

Answer 7: Well, let me share some statistics with you. India is the capital of diabetes, even though diabetes can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle. Worldwide 12 million people die yearly due to unhealthy lifestyles. 41 million people die annually due to chronic diseases, which can be avoided by changing behavioural factors such as diet, exercise, sleep and emotional well-being.

Health is Wealth – my mission is to guide people so they achieve great health by following a healthy lifestyle in the simplest way possible. Sometimes the small changes or adjustments can show great benefits. At the end of the day we all want to be happy, and health lifestyle is a strong foundation for happiness. Therefore, watch my show ’Weight & Watch by Claudia Ciesla’ on Tata Play Fitness 110. It is also releasing on D2H Fitness Active and Dish TV Fitness Active 132 in September and on ‘Watch by Brilliant Wellness’ App in October.

Question 8: With the abundance of nutrition information available today, it can be overwhelming for people to differentiate between fact and fiction. How do you stay updated on the latest nutritional research, and how do you ensure that your advice is evidence-based and reliable?

Answer 8: With the vast amount of nutrition information available today, I understand how overwhelming it can be for people to differentiate between fact and fiction. To ensure that my advice is evidence-based and reliable, I dedicate time to continuously educate myself on the latest nutritional research. I stay updated through reputable scientific journals, research articles, and attending nutrition conferences and seminars.

Additionally, I collaborate with other nutrition experts and professionals to exchange knowledge and insights. By relying on evidence-based information, I can provide accurate and trustworthy guidance to my clients and readers. It is essential to me that the information I share promotes a healthier lifestyle and contributes positively to society’s well-being.


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