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Save $50 on one of the best video doorbells you can buy


One of the best video doorbells money can buy costs a whole lot less right now. Google’s latest wired Nest Doorbell is on sale for $129.99 in all four of its colors at Best Buy, Amazon, and direct from Google. That’s a savings of $50 on Google’s small and svelte doorbell, which quickly rose to our top-recommended model shortly after it came out in late 2022. The wired Nest Doorbell is a much-improved follow-up to Google’s slightly disappointing battery-powered model of 2021 because the wired model has speedy performance and response, better video quality, and a smaller size. To take full advantage of its features, like 24/7 recording and recognizing familiar faces, you have to pay a subscription of $3.99 per month, but the Nest Doorbell also offers package detection and three hours of event-based recording for free. Read our review.

Adata’s S70 Blade M.2 SSDs are on a one-day deal at Best Buy, and you can save up to $200 on one for your PC or PlayStation 5. Here’s a quick breakdown of how much storage you can get on these deals:

Each of these meets the speed requirements for expanding a PS5’s storage, and at this price, even just getting a 1TB is a no-brainer since you’re more than doubling the usable storage built into the PS5. If you want to store a massive amount of games, the 2TB and 4TB options offer a lot of value, albeit at higher prices. All of these deals are set to end late tonight at 1AM ET.

Smart lighting is almost a commodity item now with light bulbs from Philips, Wyze, and others, but some of the most unusual accent lights you can get are the Nanoleaf Elements. The Elements are wood-like hexagon panels that mount on your wall and illuminate with a clean white light. When they’re off, it’s like having a subtle small wood sculpture on your wall to accentuate your room. They’re a lot more subtle and elevated than your normal gamer-y Nanoleaf panels, and they feature a lot of smarts for illumination patterns or syncing with other systems. You can currently get a starter kit of Nanoleaf Elements with seven panels (which you set up and arrange on your wall to your liking) for $189.99 ($60 off) on a one-day deal at Best Buy and Amazon. That’s as low as these distinctive lights sell for.


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