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Meghan Markle can’t stomach Charles ‘emotionally, psychologically, sartorially’


Meghan Markle’s inability to handle the consequences that will arise at the Coronation have ben ridiculed by experts.

These claims and revelations have been issued by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

She believes, “Still is another theory about this curious ‘salt and pepper’ move. Maybe Meghan simply didn’t wanna …”

“Maybe she didn’t want to have to stomach purse-lipped in-laws, being given decidedly B-list seats and having to watch the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children positively showered in adoration.”

“Maybe, the duchess simply could not stomach what going back would involve – emotionally, psychologically and sartorially.”

“All indications suggest that the reception that would have greeted the 41-year-old would have been a decidedly unpleasant one, both inside and outside the Abbey.”


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