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Prince Harry called THIS woman ‘mom’ all the time, he admits


Prince Harry called THIS woman mom all the time, he admits

Prince Harry says he has only called one woman mother, apart from Princess Diana. 

The Duke of Sussex, who has often mentioned his mother’s friend Teej his memoir ‘Spare’, always stayed with her during his trips to Africa.

During one such trip, Prince Harry recalls calling the lady his ‘mom’.

He pens: “One afternoon, as we were all getting ready to go for a walk, Teej started nagging me. Bring a hat! Yeah, yeah. And sunscreen! Lots of sunscreen! Spike, you’re going to fry with that pale skin! All right, all right. Spike— Okaaay, Mom. It just flew out of my mouth. I heard it, and stopped. Teej heard it and stopped. But I didn’t correct myself.”

He adds: “Teej looked shocked, but also moved. I was moved as well. Thereafter, I called her Mom all the time. It felt good. For both of us. Though I made a point, always, to call her Mom, rather than Mum. There was only one Mum.”


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