King Charles has been fighting for ‘decades’ to alert people on climate

Prince Harry confesses King Charles is very serious about his causes.

The Duke of Sussex in his memoir ‘Spare’ reveals his father is very passionate about the cause and has spent sleepless nights working on it.

He pens: “Pa had always been a worker. He believed in work. Everyone must work, he often said. But his own work was also a kind of religion, because he was furiously trying to save the planet. He’d been fighting for decades to alert people to climate change, never flagging, despite being cruelly mocked by the press as a Henny Penny. “

He adds: “Countless times, late at night, Willy and I would find him at his desk amid mountains of bulging blue postbags—his correspondence. More than once we discovered him, face on the desk, fast asleep. We’d shake his shoulders and up he’d bob, a piece of paper stuck to his forehead.”

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