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Jimmy Weldon, beloved voice actor of ‘Duck Yakky Doodle,’ dies at 99


Jimmy Weldon, the beloved voice actor of Duck Yakky Doodle, dies at 99
Jimmy Weldon, the beloved voice actor of ‘Duck Yakky Doodle,’ dies at 99

The voice behind the cartoon Duck Yakky Doodle, legendary artist and US Army veteran, Jimmy Weldon has passed away at the age of 99.

Weldon who created an animation studio Hanna-Barbera was known for his most famous work as a voice artist, along with being a ventriloquist and a TV host.

Duck Yakky Doodle with the voice of Weldone was first aired on The Yogi Bear Show for 33 episodes in 1961.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the legendary voice actor also served in the US Army in 2nd World War. The news of his sad demise was confirmed by American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood.

In his early 20s, the Duck Yakky voice artist started his career at a radio station as a disk jockey. He developed his first duck character Webster Webfoot to be presented on the show.

Leaping forward from radio to TV, Weldon got a chance to present a game show called Funny Boners.

After that, he was cast for performance as the voice artist for Yakky Doodle.

Along with his voice-over work, the artist starred in several episodes of different shows including The Waltons, S.W.A.T, B.J, the Bear, Dallas, The Rockford Files and It’s a Living.

Hearing the news of his death fans posted their tributes on Facebook with one writing, “We lost a legend of the veteran community this week. Just shy of his 100th birthday, our friend Jimmy Weldon passed away.”

Another said, “God Rest the Soul of Jummy Weldone.” 


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