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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, hits the weights at Gold’s Gym


Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, hits the weights at Golds Gym
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, hits the weights at Gold’s Gym

Arnold Schwarzenneger was recently seen pumping his body at Gold’s Gym Los Angeles even in his old age, just weeks before turning 76.

The former Mr. Universe and Hollywood star was working hard, just giving a glance into his peak bodybuilding career.

The Bodybuilding stalwart chose an all-black wardrobe for the gym as he was wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts, black slip-on trainers, and calf-length black socks.

He kept wearing tinted sunglasses the whole time in a typical Terminator fashion, reports Mirror.

Arnold started his bodybuilding career at the age of 15 and won Mr. Universe at the age of 20 and after getting to America, Gold’s Gym was the first place where he trained.

He said, “The Mr. Universe title was my ticket to America, the land of opportunity, where I could become a star and get rich.”

The bodybuilding stalwart also took a successful leap into the acting career where he first drew attention during the 1977 bodybuilding film Pumping Iron.

The Renaissance person took a break from acting and went on to become the governor of California in 2003, after completing his term in 2011, he returned to acting. 

He has since then participated in various Hollywood movies. 


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