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Infiniti Has Recalled Seventeen (17) 2023 QX60s


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Infiniti sent a letter in February to an official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announcing a new recall, involving all of 17 QX60s that were built with a defect. As they say, every recall is important.

In case you missed it:

The QX60s were built between August 31 and September 2 at Nissan’s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. At issue on the cars is the second row adjustable seat, which Infiniti said “may have the incorrect rear stopper distance on the seat track,” which, as a result, may cause the seat to get stuck. The remedy will be a replacement of the seat in question.

Recalls also usually have a timeline of events leading up to the recall, which is also usually the most interesting part, and this recall is no exception. See below; when an automaker says that they’re doing an investigation, they mean it.

September 6, 2022 – A technician noticed a second row seat was stuck in the rearmost position during a routine quality check. Nissan initiated containment measures and immediately began an investigation.

September 2022 through October 2022 – Nissan and the supplier conducted yard audits totaling 13,384 vehicles and continued investigation of the issue. Supplier maintenance records determined the rear stopper forming tool had been recently replaced and the production tool had the incorrect dimensions for the rear stopper.

November 2022 through December 2022 – During the supplier investigation, it was determined that a maintenance technician may have inadvertently replaced the stopper forming tool with an improper part. As a result, the distance used to set the second row seat track stopper was incorrect and allowed for the seat to extend past the intended stopping point. The supplier corrected the forming tool and updated the tooling drawings to capture all critical dimensions. These countermeasures and containment were adopted in production to prevent the issue from reoccurring. Concurrently, Nissan initiated a safety assessment to investigate the impact of the seat traveling past the intended stopping point. As part of the assessment, Nissan performed three (3) separate tests to evaluate seat performance in multiple positions.

January 2023 – Nissan completed its safety assessment and concluded that the second row seat showed performance degradation when adjusted to the rearmost position (past the intended stopping point).

February 13, 2023 – Nissan decided to conduct a Voluntary Safety Recall to inspect, and remedy all potentially affected vehicles.

Nissan is not aware of any warranty claims attributed to this condition.

Infiniti said it would begin notifying the lucky 17 in April, and if you recently bought a new QX60, maybe have a look to see when it was built. If it was built on September 1, you may have a new second-row seat in your future.


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