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Friendship Day 2023: 5 Ways Your Pet Showcases Camaraderie And Love Towards You – News18


Our furry friends also express their love by encouraging us to play with them. (Image: Shutterstock)

Our furry friends also express their love by encouraging us to play with them. (Image: Shutterstock)

Our pets show us their love for us in the simplest ways. It is up to us if we are able to figure out their sign language.

The true essence of friendship day is witnessed when you realise that the term “friendship” surpasses human relations. For decades now, pets have been called a man’s best friend and that is in fact extremely true. Our pets might not always say it but they sure have their own ways of showing it. Not always do we realise how much they love and appreciate us for the simple reason that we do not understand their signs.

This friendship day, let us make a simple effort of trying to understand the signs of the fur-midable ways they show us their affection:

  1. Our pets always want to be close to us. This is quite evident from the way your pets greet you when you return home. It doesn’t matter if you have been away for an hour or a few minutes, they will greet you with wagging tails, joyful barks and meows or jumping with excitement.
  2. Mr Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head at Zigly, says, “Pets can sense our emotions even without us needing to express them. They sense our distress or sadness and offer their support by nuzzling or putting their heads on our laps. Through these gestures, they offer solace or reassurance. These heartwarming deeds reassure us that we are not alone and are appreciated.”
  3. One of the most common signs is our pets following us everywhere. “Be it our cats or dogs, they demonstrate this by wanting to be in our space, following us from room to room as we walk about the home. They love to be next to us, which also depicts a sign of trust and safety,” added Mr Ambarish Sikarwar.
  4. Our furry family members also express their love by encouraging us to play with them. They bring their favourite toys and pounce around them playfully to invite us to join their fun time. In their language, they love us and see us as part of their pack.
  5. Mr Ambarish Sikarwar, states, “Pets also show their love by trusting us completely. They feel safe and secure enough to express their vulnerability. They express these emotions by falling asleep on our lap or seeking comfort by our side during storms or unfamiliar situations.”

A vet or pet expert can always guide you to understand them better. Also, while they keep showering their love, remember to treat them well and make them feel included. This will help to create a lasting and healthy bond between you and your pet.


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