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Elon Musk’s ‘fund your legal bill’ tweet is a brand new level of bullshit


Yes, I know he doesn’t care about hypocrisy — he’s just in it for the attention, and I guess I’m giving it to him! But I think it’s worth pointing out that this tweet is a brand-new level of BS.

Where was this unlimited legal defense fund when Elon Musk saw a man he knows personally firing seven engineers for criticizing their employer on Twitter?

Oh, wait, I’ve got it backwards! Elon Musk was the man who fired those seven engineers. It was him.

Now, you might argue this is not quite a new level of hypocrisy for Musk because he was also the one who suggested that Twitter should NOT have a “lords & peasants system” five short months before making damn sure that Twitter had exactly that. You might also note that the man who promised to rid Twitter of bots and make it a free speech platform and a public town square seems to have had the opposite effect.

But I respectfully submit there’s a chance that, like his entire $44 billion bet on Twitter, those were just Musk utterly out of his depth. But he didn’t really just forget firing Eric Frohnhoefer, Sasha Solomon, Yao Yue, Nick Robinson-Wall, Jesse Feinman, Billy Becker and Lana Nelson over their tweets and retweets, did he?


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