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Director Conor Allyn believes Amber Heard can ‘absolutely’ write and direct films


In the Fire director, Conor Allyn has full faith in the star of his movie, Amber Heard, is destined to become a writer and director of films.

While attending the premiere of the movie at Taormina Film Festival in Italy over the weekend, Allyn told People Magazine that Heard, 37, “absolutely has the ability and the intelligence and the charisma to direct or to write if she wants to.”

He explained that there are “a lot of different talents involved in making a movie” adding that “most of all you need to be able to tell a story, to find the interesting elements, whether it is in the character or in the story as a whole, and to understand the entirety of what’s happening.”

Allyn claimed that the Aquaman actress possessed all of those qualities. He added, “I can see her directing.”

He also quipped, “As a director, I never look for more competition than there already is. But Amber absolutely has the ability.”

In the movie, Heard portrays the role of a psychiatrist named Grace who ventures to treat a child in Colombia at a time when psychiatry was not a respected science. According to the synopsis, as Grace “tries to psychoanalyse the child, the nefarious events intensify and her ‘cure’ becomes a race to save the little boy from the fury of his fellow citizens and, perhaps, even from himself.”

Of her dedication to her work, Allyn recalled that Heard “dove in head first doing the research” as soon as she signed.

He added that Heard “set the tone” for everyone working on the move as she was always “arriving early, staying late, doing extra rehearsals.”

“She knew every line by heart, and she knew everyone else’s lines too, and she knew all the research behind it,” he said. “It allows us to jump right in and make so much more of the movie than just the words we started with. You’re really lucky on any movie to have something like that.”

In the Fire is Amber Heard’s first movie after her very public defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp last year.


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