Aaliya Siddiqui Thanks Nawazuddin for Appearing in Her Film, Despite Messy Feud

After Messy Feud, Aaliya Siddiqui Thanks Ex-Husband Nawazuddin for Appearing in Her Directorial Debut

After a highly publicized and messy feud, Aaliya Siddiqui, the estranged wife of Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has expressed her gratitude towards him for appearing in her film. Aaliya, who is also a film producer, took to social media to acknowledge Nawazuddin’s contribution to her upcoming project, despite their personal differences.

The feud between Aaliya and Nawazuddin had made headlines in the past, with their marriage hitting a rough patch and resulting in a public spat. However, Aaliya recently shared a post on her social media account, thanking Nawazuddin for being a part of her film and appreciating his professionalism.

Aaliya, who is known for her independent and bold choices in the film industry, mentioned in her post that Nawazuddin’s participation in her project meant a lot to her and that she was grateful for his support. She also praised Nawazuddin’s talent and dedication as an actor, acknowledging his contribution to the film.

This public display of gratitude from Aaliya towards Nawazuddin has taken many by surprise, as their personal issues were widely discussed in the media. It has also sparked speculations about a possible reconciliation between the two.

Both Aaliya and Nawazuddin are well-known personalities in the Indian film industry, and their professional collaboration despite their personal differences has generated significant buzz.

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