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You can now manage 1Password family accounts via its apps


After years of having to manage 1Password user accounts on the web alone, the company is finally bringing family account management to the app itself. Beginning Tuesday, administrators (otherwise known as “Family Organizers”) can manage the user accounts connected to a 1Password Family membership from the company’s macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android apps instead of having to log in to the website, the company announced in a blog post. The new feature will be coming to the company’s iOS app “later this week.”

Administrators can now invite new members or guests to a 1Password Family account by navigating to the Manage Accounts section within the app menu. These users can monitor the status of the invitations they send out, with options to either resend or cancel the invitation if needed. Any new members with a pending invitation, listed under the “Waiting to be confirmed” section, can also be approved or rejected directly using the 1Password app.

You can resend an invitation to nudge prospective account members to respond.
Image: 1Password

The update gives administrators the ability to access information about the status of user accounts that are connected to the main Family account. User accounts on the app can be listed as Guest (a limited access level that doesn’t have its own private password vault or access to your family’s shared vault), Suspended, Recovery Started, and Recovery Pending. And finally, the app will now list all of the trusted devices and browsers that are linked to the family account, giving you quick access to check for any suspicious user activity.

The location of where these browsers or devices have accessed the Family account will also be visible in this view.
Image: 1Password

It’s surprising that the 1Password apps didn’t already support these Family account features, but it’s not like 1Password is the only password manager guilty of this. Dashlane also provides a similar Friends & Family plan that, according to the company’s quick start guide, can still only be accessed via its web app.


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