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‘Yellowjackets’ creator life ‘at risk’ after ‘shocking’ finale


Yellowjackets creator life at risk after shocking finale
‘Yellowjackets’ creator life ‘at risk’ after ‘shocking’ finale

Yellowjackets co-creator Ashley Lyle revealed she faced death threats after the hair-raising season 2 finale airing, which saw a key character’s death.

“So, I know some people really enjoyed the #Yellowjackets finale… and some people… did not (is getting death threats a showrunner rite of passage? Because i can live without that one!) But I would love to take a moment to thank everyone who came on this ride with us,” Lyle tweeted on Friday.

She continued, “If it brought you joy, or made you laugh, or think, or cry, or just provided a respite from real life, that makes all the craziness feel worth while. All we can do is tell the story we needed to tell.”

The filmmaker of the epic finale, Karyn Kusama, told The Hollywood Reporter that the death of the character Natalie was on the cards since the start.

“She was always meant to be a character who fulfilled a role that we’ve come to love in television, which is the transgressive, self-destructive, self-sabotaging… the shit-stirrer. The tension was always that we understood that people like to watch those characters, but the reality is that they literally or figuratively self-destruct,” Kusama added.


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