Women’s Day 2023: Keep These Clinical Conditions At Bay By Focusing On Your Strength

Staying healthy is a continuous journey. It is directly connected to a healthy and balanced diet which aids good nourishment and optimal functioning of the body especially, for women. A sedentary lifestyle with extensive work and little to no exercise often leads to an increasing number of health issues in women across all age groups. In fact, in the many roles that they play, their body also goes through continuous changes right from childhood to puberty, motherhood, and menopause which results in changes in their nutritional requirements as well. As a result, women often forget to take care of their health.

This International Women’s Day, Dr. Sachin Pawar, Head, Medical Affairs, India Cluster P&G Health sheds light on some of the most common clinical conditions that women suffer from along with the importance of recognizing these symptoms and how can they prevent them.

Balanced Iron Intake for the Iron Women

There’s no denying that women are superheroes, and for that superhero to take charge of her health, she needs a sidekick – iron. Adequate iron intake is very crucial for the production of hemoglobin, which aids in the transport of oxygen throughout the body. Unfortunately, the most frequent deficit among women is iron, which results in anemia. This deficiency can make you feel sluggish, fatigued, and even depressed.

Early detection of iron deficiency is vital to avoid problems such as complications during pregnancy, delayed development in children, and other issues. Women are especially prone to iron deficiency due to blood loss during menstruation, and perimenopausal women are at an even higher risk as they have lower than recommended dietary intake[1]. As these symptoms are often misinterpreted, it makes detection even more difficult.

In order to maintain balanced nutrition, it is essential to ensure adequate iron intake. To do this, consider incorporating iron-rich foods like broccoli, spinach, meat, and dry fruits like raisins to keep your iron levels intact. Additionally, iron supplements can also help in replenishing the iron stores in the body.

Nourishment From Within

More often than not, we take care of our skin and hair topically since we believe it just needs protection from external factors such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, changing climate, and so on. While it’s good to be conscious of these factors, it is inevitable for our skin and hair quality to deteriorate over the years. Taking proactive measures to preserve and restore our skin and hair from within is therefore essential.

For instance, cells are essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair, as damage to cells can lead to the production of free radicals, which in turn can cause chronic conditions.

In such cases, antioxidants such as Vitamin E can be your go-to buddy and prove to be extremely helpful since it helps fight free radicals. It not only helps neutralize the free radicals but also provides nourishment to your cells leading to improved muscle health that keeps weakness and fatigue at bay. Adding Vitamin E-rich food to your diet like spinach, almonds, and wheat germ oil among others can prove to be beneficial. If it’s difficult to keep up with your diet, oral supplements are an effective way to meet your required daily intake of Vitamin E. 

Building a Strong Immunity for Stronger Health

Our immune system is influenced by many factors. It is therefore important to always ensure adequate nutrition to bolster our overall immunity as that itself is the solution to several health problems. With our active and hectic lifestyles, we often easily forget the importance of nourishing our bodies.

So, while you consume your daily dose of multivitamins through fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil etc., you can also include them in your diet in the form of nutritional supplements that are equally beneficial for your body.

Prioritize Nerve Health

In addition to the multiple hats of responsibilities that women don, the prevalence of Peripheral Neuropathy becomes an added burden on them, sometimes also due to the higher prevalence of diabetes cases and nutritional deficiencies. While taking care of our immune system is important for our overall well-being, it is also significant to look after our nerve health. We often neglect this aspect of our health, assuming our bodies will take care of it on their own when in reality our external actions have a direct impact on our internal voluntary functions.

Peripheral Neuropathy presents with signs and symptoms such as the presence of burning, tingling sensation or numbness in extremities, hypersensitivity to touch, unsteady gait, a history of falls, and the presence of soreness or ulcers with no identifiable cause. This condition is caused by damaged peripheral nerves, which further leads to a feeling of numbness and a tingling sensation in our hands and feet.

Past research has indicated that diabetes mellitus is one of the major reasons that lead to Peripheral Neuropathy. The same study also mentions how approximately 50% of diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy patients do not show any symptoms of the condition which is why it remains undiagnosed most of the time[2]. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to any potential warning signs in order to prevent further complications. Many-a-times, women can’t live up to their true potential as a result of experiencing these symptoms.

Living a healthy lifestyle is key to keeping our bodies functioning at their best. Eating a balanced diet, taking supplements as prescribed by a healthcare professional, and staying active are all essential in the longer run. This International Women’s Day let’s make a commitment towards recognizing the warning signs of illness and seeking timely medical treatment, as early diagnosis can help to prevent further complications.

Let’s put our health first, ladies, and use these tips to make the most of all the exciting journeys you have planned.

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