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Woman reveals Lucy Liu was her babysitter before actress rose to fame


A woman has revealed that Lucy Liu was her babysitter back in the ‘90s, before the actor first rose to fame.

Rudi, whose username is @thenameisrudi, shared a photo post on TikTok of her former babysitter. In the post, she started off by sharing a picture of her and her sister when they were toddlers. She went on to describe the start of her childhood in the text over the photo, writing: “Your family moved to LA for a couple of months when you were a baby.”

The TikTok user then shared an old photo of her and her sibling with Liu, while she was still in her 20s. Rudi briefly described how she met the now-actor, writing: “Your mum made friends with another artist called Lucy.”

She continued to show an old photo that she had of just Liu and continued to recall her relationship with her, at the time. “She also wore dungarees and would sometimes babysit you.”

Rudi went on to share a more recent photo of the Elementary star, noting that her babysitter “ended up becoming a pretty big deal”.

The woman concluded her post with a current selfie of her and her sibling and a message to Liu. “Hi Lucy, hope you’re well,” she wrote. “All our love, the all grown up Salmon sisters.”

In the caption, Rudi also described the first photo in her TikTok post, writing: “LA, 1993: baby me and my sis hanging out with mum’s friend Lucy…”

As of 23 March, the post has more than 1.5m views, with TikTok users in the comments praising Rudi’s story and her old photos of Liu.

“Wowww that second pic of her is just stunning!!” one person wrote, while another added: “Immediately knew at “Lucy” I was like “Liu?” That’s so cool lmaoooo.”


A third added: “Okay but you all look adorable together. So classic 90s.”

Other people expressed their hopes for Rudi to reconnect with the actor aftering sharing the video, one of whom wrote: “This is so sweet, I hope somehow she sees this and you guys can have dinner or something. I’m sure your parents would be gassed to see her again.”

Some TikTok users also commented about their similar experiences where their former babysitters were now famous celebrities.

“Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars babysat me a couple of times!” one wrote. “She was best friends with my original babysitter and would come over to hang.”

“Christine Taylor (Stiller) babysat me when I was little,” another said. “After her last day, she started filming Hey Dude.”

Liu first rose to fame in 1998, when she starred in FOX’s hit comedy series Ally McBeal. She went on to star in multiple films since, include 2000’s Charlie’s Angels, alongside Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

The Independent has contacted Rudi and a representative for Liu for comment.


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