What’s The Worst Interior Of Any Car You’ve Ever Been In?

Image: Stellantis

They say you have to go out of your way to find a car that’s truly terrible nowadays. But once upon a time you didn’t, and one of the easiest ways to make that judgment was by surveying the quality of the interior. Today we pose the question to you: what’s the crappiest cabin you’ve ever had the misfortune of driving in? Or being a passenger, because that counts for something too.

I’ll choose the passenger route here, because just a few years before I got my learner’s permit, my dad briefly leased a WK Jeep Grand Cherokee. You know — the bad one. His had a leather interior but was remarkably feature-starved in every other way that mattered. And I remember this mostly due to the sheer number of blank switches all over the cabin but especially on the center stack, replacing options he didn’t pay for. It goes without saying that this would’ve been my nomination for another previous QOTD, “Worst Cars Your Parents Drove.”

I don’t have a pic of my dad’s WK, but if we take just one look at the orgy of grays above courtesy of Jeep’s press materials, you should quickly understand my point. Half of the buttons immediately below the stereo head unit are blanks. A whopping seven of eight along the lower row, also blanks. The Chrysler that made this didn’t deserve to get bailed out.

That’s my answer. What’s yours? Tell and if possible show your least-favorite interior in the comments, and we’ll compile the best responses for an Answer of the Day later this week.

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