Watch: Yoga Trainer Explains The Posture To Bring Flexibility To Your Body

To bring flexibility to the body, the practice of Marjariasana is very beneficial.

You can perform these postures at home to increase your body flexibility.

We all know that practising yoga regularly is very beneficial for our health. Along with keeping our body fit, it can also work to keep us away from mental stress. So if you start practising yoga regularly, then you will feel that your flow is getting better and you can do yoga and asanas easily. This is possible only when flexibility increases in the body. However, before practising the asanas, it is necessary to do subtle yoga. Recently, Yoga trainer Savita Yadav shared a video on Morning Yoga Classes wherein she taught some asanas to increase the flexibility of the body.

Watch the video here:

1. Focus first: Sit in any posture. It is preferable, though, that you remain in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana, or Sukhasana. Lift both hands interlocked and stretch your entire torso upwards as far as possible. Stay in this posture for 10 counts, then relax by lowering your hands. Then, while exhaling, deep inhalation and repeat the word, Om. Stay in the posture of meditation for some time to relax the body.

2. Practice Marjariasana: To bring flexibility to the body, the practice of Marjariasana helps a great deal. Its regular practice brings flexibility to the waist, back, and abdomen. Sit in Vajrasana with your elbows brushing your knees. Looking forward, create a cow position with one hand while rising in front. Stretch the midsection downwards and the neck upwards now. Then, raise your stomach and stretch your neck forwards. Repeat 10 times in a row.

3. Parvatasana and Bhujangasana: To begin, do the mountain posture on the mat by raising the waist in Parvatasana. Hips will stay raised, combs will be tightened, and paws will remain close to the ground. Come into the Bhujangasana position while inhaling. Then comes the posture of Parvatasana. You do this 10 times.

4. Chaturanga Dandasana: Chaturanga Dandasana also known as Low Plank. It is an asana in modern yoga as exercise and in some forms of Surya Namaskar. In this yoga pose first, straighten your body parallel to the ground supported by the toes and palms, with elbows at a right angle along the body, and count to 10.

All these 4 yoga asanas will help bring flexibility to the body.

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