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Want To Fight Hairfall? Keep These 7 Points In Mind – News18


Seven food items that cause hair fall

Seven food items that cause hair fall

Foods and drinks along with meat and alcohol cause hair loss

Hair fall is a common problem that people face quite often. Genetics play a crucial role in growing healthy hair but it is also strongly related to food habits. There are multiple foods which can often result in hair loss. Here is a list of certain items in food that may lead to hair loss.

1. High levels of mercury

High levels of mercury in food is associated with hair loss. Fish is one of the most common foods that people consume. Many fish are particularly mercury-rich and those should be avoided to prevent hair loss. Fish that are mercury-rich are mackerel, swordfish, and sushi. People who want to have fish in their meal can switch to salmon or shrimp, as they contain lower mercury content.

2. Sugar

Processed sugar is not good for hair. Processed sugar is known to deteriorate the quality of hair. Consuming high amounts of sugar leads to an increase in blood glucose, which means the body produces more insulin. Products like candy, cookies, and cakes should be strictly avoided as they contain high amounts of sugar.

3. Fried Foods

Fast food like fries and burgers can adversely affect hair growth. Fried foods have overactive sebum and oil glands, which are not good for hair.

4. Carbonated Drinks

Caarbonated drinks are very popular but they are very harmful for hair. Upon consuming carbonated drinks, these interact with insulin in the body, which makes it less responsive to sugar. This eventually leads to an increase in sugar in the bloodstream, which hampers your blood circulation and causes hair loss.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your hair as it becomes rough and dry. It also decreases zinc levels, which is an important mineral for hair growth and volume.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products are commonly consumed by people. Dairy Products are considered to be healthy in many ways. But these can often turn out to be a cause of hair fall as dairy products contain some amount of fat, which increases the testosterone level in the body, which is a reason for hair fall.

7. Red Meat

Red meat is not good for health, as it is a reason behind hair loss. Red meat causes overactivity of sebum and oil glands, which is a strong reason for hair fall.


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