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Volvo’s upcoming EVs join the Tesla Supercharger bandwagon


Volvo is the latest automaker, and the first one from Europe, to announce support for Tesla’s electric vehicle charging standard known as the “North American Charging Standard,” or NACS.

According to the announcement, this arrangement is similar to the ones Tesla recently reached with several other car manufacturers. Volvo owners will get access to 12,000 Tesla Supercharger stations, and Volvo EVs will be manufactured with a NACS port starting in 2025.

For current Volvo EV owners — including XC40, C40 Recharge, and the upcoming EX30 and EX90 — a Tesla NACS to CCS adapter will be provided to work by the middle of 2024. Volvo also said owners will be able to find the charging stations in its Volvo Cars app.

Volvo is following major auto manufacturers Ford, GM, and Rivian in adopting Tesla’s plug, which is gaining momentum behind the current widely adopted Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. Electric vehicle charging station makers and operators like ChargePoint and EVgo have recently announced support as well.


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