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Valve’s Steam Deck: all the news about the new gaming handheld


I keep hearing that the Ayaneo 2 is effectively a Steam Deck Pro. The suggestion seems to be: if only it didn’t cost twice as much, it might be the better pick. 

On paper, the Ayaneo 2 does seem better! It’s smaller yet houses a more powerful processor, a bigger battery, and a higher-resolution 1920 x 1200 screen. It comes with Hall Effect joysticks and triggers that aren’t liable to drift, RGB lighting, a fingerprint reader, and a larger, bigger capacity, easier-to-replace SSD. It has not one, not two, but three USB-C ports, two of which have USB 4.0 speeds and which let you charge from the top or bottom while plugging in both a keyboard and mouse at the same time. It comes with Windows instead of Linux for compatibility with more games. The company’s product page is a love letter to geeks like me.


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