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Urwa Hocane takes digs at repetition in Pakistani drama industry | The Express Tribune


Popular Pakistani actor Urwa Hocane recently caught the attention of her followers on social media with a lip-sync video accompanied by a thought-provoking caption. In the video, Urwa is seen mouthing the words to an audio clip that says, “Main itna batana chahti hoon ke jitna tum logon ke paas dimaag hai, utna toh mera kharab rehta hai” (I want to tell you all that all your functional brains combined only make up my dysfunctional brain). The caption that accompanied the video shed light on her frustration with repetitive scripts in the Pakistani drama industry.

Urwa’s caption revealed her exasperation after encountering multiple scripts with identical plots from various sources. Despite the similarities, each production claimed that their project would achieve high ratings. Her caption read, “After reading three identical scripts with the exact same plot from different sources, yet every production says, ‘This one is going to get ratings!'”

In her candid statement, Urwa highlighted the prevalence of certain themes and stereotypical characters in Pakistani dramas. She sarcastically described the storylines, stating, “The story is one glorified psychotic narcissistic toxic man, churail saas (witchy mother-in-law), a bechari (helpless) girl, and a passive-aggressive vamp who keeps seducing the guy because they are a perfect match and rightly so…”

The actor’s remarks struck a chord with many of her fans and followers, resonating with those who have observed repetitive narratives and character archetypes in the industry. Urwa’s willingness to speak out about the issue garnered support and sparked a conversation among drama enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

The Pakistani drama industry, known for its diverse storytelling and rich content, has faced criticism in recent years for a perceived lack of innovation and an overreliance on formulaic scripts. Urwa’s candid expression of frustration reflects a growing sentiment among artists and viewers who yearn for fresh and unique narratives that break away from the mould.

The Udaari star’s video and accompanying caption highlight the need for continuous discussion about the vitality of creativity and originality in Pakistani dramas. As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen whether the industry will respond to this call for change, encouraging writers, directors, and producers to explore new territories and bring forth narratives that captivate and challenge audiences in innovative ways.

Urwa’s bold statement also serves as a reminder that artists play a vital role in shaping the direction of the entertainment industry. With their influential voices, they have the power to advocate for change and push boundaries, ultimately contributing to the growth and evolution of Pakistani dramas.

As fans eagerly await Urwa’s upcoming projects, her candid expression of frustration serves as a rallying cry for the industry to embrace fresh ideas, break free from repetitive plots, and deliver content that engages and captivates viewers in new and exciting ways.

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