Ukrainian woman refugee defends Andrew Tate: ‘He is not like that in real life’

Ukrainian woman refugee defends Andrew Tate: ‘He is not like that in real life’ 

Andrew Tate’s is now being defended by a Ukrainian war refugee who was staying at his place, amid the accusations againts him.

A Ukrainian woman refugee named Lisa has come forward to defend Andrew Tate who is accused of abducting and raping a 22-year-old woman against her will.

Lisa has confirmed to The Times of London that she was quizzed by police during the raid at Tate’s house, where she was staying for a month now.

She has denied the claims against Tate brothers saying, “Everything the police have said is not true.”

“I know them [the Tates] and they could not do this. The girls who live here do not have to do anything. They are good girls,” she maintained.

“What the police are saying, I know it is untrue. They don’t have any proof.” She added.

Lisa also claimed that she was invited to live at the $360,000 house with Tate’s assistant by two Romanian housemates. The pair was making around $4,000 a month, she said, claiming it was all from TikTok comedy clips.

The war refugee also explained to the news outlet that she knew the Tates well, as she first met them almost three years ago at a party in Kyiv. At that time she worked in marketing for a realtor.

She said the US-born former reality TV star only “acts” like a misogynist “for show.”

“He is not like that in real life,” she defended the former kickboxer who at one point said that rape victims should “bear some responsibility” for their attacks.

“I don’t believe anything bad about them — I have known them for a long time,” she said of the locked-up brothers.

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