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UGC Guidelines for Students Enrolling Under Online Learning Mode Courses

UGC Guidelines for Students

The deadline for admissions to all HEIs offering Open and Distance Learning modes for the academic session commencing in February 2024 is set for March 31

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Any further update on UGC Guidelines for Students will be immediately update here.

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UGC Guidelines for Students

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has released precautionary guidelines for students interested in enrolling in courses offered through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and/or Online Learning (OL) modes. The list of precautions for candidates interested in enrolling in ODL and online learning modes highlights some important points:

The first guideline states that students must ensure the status of higher educational institutions (HEIs). Recognition status and entitlement status should be checked. The deadline for admissions to all HEIs offering ODL and/or Online Programmes for the academic session commencing in February 2024 is set for March 31.

Students should thoroughly review all details on the websites of the HEIs. It is mandatory for all recognised/entitled HEIs offering ODL and/or Online programmes to upload various details, including their application submitted to the UGC, affidavits, approvals from statutory bodies, regulatory authority approvals, and any additional information, on their websites.

Students should verify which HEIs are debarred from offering ODL or online programs and have been categorized as ‘no admission’ institutions.

Students must ensure that the minimum duration, nomenclature, and entry-level qualifications for ODL and online courses they are enrolling in strictly adhere to the UGC notification on Specification of Degrees, 2014, and its subsequent amendments. These documents can be found

Programs in certain disciplines, including Engineering, Medical, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental, Architecture, Law, Agriculture, Horticulture, Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Culinary Sciences, Aircraft Maintenance, Visual Arts, Sports, Aviation, and others, are prohibited from being offered under ODL and Online modes. Additionally, programs such as Yoga and Tourism & Hospitality Management at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are not permitted in the online mode. M.Phil and Ph.D. programs are also prohibited from being offered in these modes.

Students are urged to verify that all activities of the HEI, including admissions, counseling sessions, contact programs, program delivery, and examinations, are conducted strictly within the territorial jurisdiction of the HEI for ODL programs.

No university is permitted to offer its programs through franchising arrangements for admitting learners and conducting courses through ODL and online modes.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as postgraduate diplomas awarded through ODL and/or online modes by HEIs recognised under UGC regulations, are considered equivalent to corresponding awards of the Degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level and postgraduate diplomas offered through conventional mode.

Important learner centre provisions of the regulations include learner mobility, admissions during the recognition period, and learner enrollment (for ODL/Online mode).

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