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Tuned 400-HP Honda Hatchback Smaller Than Fit Packs Some Serious Punch


You’re probably unfamiliar with the Honda Brio, and that’s fine. The small hatchback, which is smaller than the Fit/Jazz, is exclusively sold in Southeast Asia and has gained popularity in these countries as a sporty looking city runabout. The Brio is decent to drive, quite responsive to throttle inputs, and can actually put bigger cars to shame when handled by a crazy driver. I know because I own one, a second-generation model, which was based on the Honda Small RS Concept from 2018.

However, I am not aware that this tiny hatchback can do so much more with a “little” tweaking. A first-generation Honda Brio, owned by Jonathan Jameson from Malaysia, has been featured by YouTuber Larry Chen, and it packs quite a serious punch. 

With a Honda Fit engine shoehorned inside its hood, the Brio is powered by a 1.5-liter four-pot engine, which is bigger than the 1.2-liter stock mill. The Fit’s engine has been modified as well, and with the help of turbocharging, the maximum output is now 400 horsepower at the wheels, which is way more powerful than the stock 87 hp at the crank.

The modified engine produces 400 whp on VP c85 and around 300 whp on palm gas. To send all that power to the front wheels, Jonathan’s Brio has been equipped with a stock Honda Fit five-speed transmission with a custom LSD and a twin-plate clutch.

Of note, when the car is driven on pump gas, the owner said that it runs a little softer, but it has launch control. How cool is that? 

It isn’t all about the engine, though. Jonathan’s Honda Brio has a custom BMW E36 Boston Green paint job. Body kits include wide front and rear fenders to accommodate the wider wheel setup. It’s also equipped with a racing bumper meant for the Fit, custom-fitted to the car.

The Brio still has its four doors, though there’s a roll cage inside and the rear seats are removed since Jonathan occasionally takes it on the track. This kept the weight at bay, tipping the scales at only 2,094 pounds (950 kilograms).

What can you say about this bonkers tiny Honda hatchback build? Let us know your thoughts below.


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