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These Are the Ugliest Porsches Ever Made, According to You

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Photo: Porsche

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also true that beauty is in the eye of the Porsche owner. Or former kid who had a Ferrari poster on their bedroom wall. Ferrari and Porsche are lauded as some of the most iconic car brands, which both also happen to have an affinity for horses on their badges.

The enduring obsession the car world has with Porsches is without a doubt due to the performance of Stuttgart’s sports cars, but the thrill of driving a Porsche 911 would be incomplete without a glance back at the car at the end of the day. The undeniable beauty beckoning the driver to return. Obviously, the image I’ve described has conjured a 911 Carrera 3.0, otherwise known as the 930.

But not all Porsches are remembered as fondly by fans, so we wanted to know which of Porsche’s designs our readers thought were ugliest. We asked you to don your flame suits and let loose in the comments. Iconoclasts, welcome all!

Look, it’s okay to love ugly cars; it’s also okay to hate ugly cars. And, finally, it’s definitely okay to be wrong and argue about it on Jalopnik. So, read on to see what Porsche models made the list of the ugliest concept or production cars — and more — to ever have come from the maker of the quintessential sports car.

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