The Steam Deck’s second sale ever: now, it’s up to $130 off

If you require more storage, you might want to consider buying the 256 or 512GB model. As my colleague Sean Hollister pointed out, you can easily upgrade it with a new SSD, but there’s a slight risk of damage if you aren’t careful. What’s more, the 256GB model is selling for $449.65 ($79 off), which is even cheaper than its very first sale.

You can also buy the 512GB model for $519.20 ($130 off), another all-time low price. This highest-end Steam Deck comes with an anti-glare screen, which reduces some reflections but, we found, was slightly less colorful than the glossy models. All three Decks come with bundled carrying cases, though the 512GB has a slightly more colorful logo on its case.

If you’re unfamiliar with Valve’s Steam Deck, it’s essentially a handheld console that resembles the Nintendo Switch. However, it plays PC games and is far more powerful, with an impressive number of customizable controls. And, thanks to some major updates, you can use it to play a wide range of games, including The Last of Us Part I, Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Halo Infinite, Among Us, and much more. We’ve been testing The Last of Us Part I again, and it seems to be running just fine on Steam Deck now at a nearly locked 30fps. Read our Steam Deck review.

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