‘The Power’ star John Leguizamo tips waiters, valets with $100 bills: ‘This Ain’t the ’70s’

‘The Power’ star John Leguizamo tips waiters, valets with $100 bills: ‘This Ain’t the ’70s’

The Power actor John Leguizamo carries $100 bills to tip waiters and valets generously.

According to his interview with Good Morning America, Leguizamo believes in giving back to people who provide the best service and considers it unacceptable to not tip.

“Come on, this ain’t the ’70s,” Leguizamo quipped. “You can’t tip with $20 bills. People are going to throw that back at you.”

“You’ve got to give back,” he continued. “If people are giving you their best service, and you don’t tip them? Come on, who are you? I’m not a cheapskate.”

Leguizamo also discussed his role as Dr. Rob Lopez in “The Power,” a TV series based on a novel about women who develop the ability to shoot electricity from their bodies.

He described the show as a powerful and scary series about teenage girls who create this organ to protect themselves.

“Can you imagine a world where women take over?” Leguizamo said. “It’d be a great place. So that’s what this series is. Teenaged girls develop an organ through evolution to protect themselves, and it gives them electricity — static shock for some girls, nuclear blasts for other girls — and men are afraid. It’s a great, scary, powerful series.”

In March, Leguizamo guest hosted The Daily Show for a week, which drew the second-largest average viewership since the show began featuring guest hosts.

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