The Pixel Tablet has been captured on video at a special Google event

In the Instagram video from Saori Masuda (you’ll need to browse over to the very last video in the gallery), you can see many Google and Pixel devices laid out along a table, including some Pixel Tablets, Pixel Watches, different versions of Pixel Buds, and Pixel phones.

For the Pixel Tablet specifically, the video doesn’t reveal a lot that we didn’t already know, especially because Google has already revealed what the tablet and its charging dock will look like. Perhaps the most significant new information is the colors on display, including a pink-ish coral, a gray / white, and a darker gray (with what looks to be a black bezel around the screen instead of white). Maybe we’ll be able to buy the tablet in those colors (and, according to 9to5Google, a missing fourth color) when it’s finally released.

9to5Google also notes that a privacy switch to turn off the microphone and camera, which it reported on last week, is not present in these Pixel Tablets on display.

We’ve collected some screenshots from the video in the gallery below.

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