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The Four Seasons’ lead singer Frankie Valli marries fourth wife Jackie Jacobs


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The renowned singer of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, tied the knot for the fourth time with Jackie Jacobs on Monday, June 26. Frankie had been friends with the marketing executive from CBS for more than 16 years prior to this.

The marriage ceremony was held at Los Angeles’ Westgate Hotel with just the bride and groom present there and sharing vows.

The music produced by the groom himself was also played at the ceremony. 

The music star in conversation with People expressed his delight in finding love again saying, “It’s terrific to have found love once again at this stage of my life.”

The music icon who rose to fame with The Rock band in the 1960s has produced several hits including his 1967 hit Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, which was also played at his marriage ceremony.

Metro reports that the couple had been friends since 2007 but weren’t romantically involved until 2015.

Jackie revealed that they met in a restaurant where Frankie joined her and her friends for dinner.

“We were in touch by phone until Frankie called me and asked for a date in late 2015 and we have been together ever since,” Jackie recalled.

Jackie was first married to Mary Delgado in 1958 and had two daughters. They got divorced in 1971 after 13 years of staying together.

Frankie married for the second time in 1974 with MaryAnn Hannagan. They stayed together for eight years before parting ways in 1982.

He married for the third time with Randy Clohessy in 1984 and the couple parted ways in 2004 after 20 years of marriage.

Despite getting divorced thrice, Frankie describes himself as a family man and remains close to his children.  


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