‘The Flash’: Ezra Miller future in DC still bright: Insiders

‘The Flash’: Ezra Miller future in DC still bright: Insiders

DC’s recent shake-up has led several A-list actors out of the super-heroes universe fold. However, Ezra Miller’s The Flash stars are still on track with Warner Bros.

According to Variety, insiders spilt beans on the willingness of some WB executives to work with Miller, despite them controversial past.

However, the sources highlighted that The Flash star avoided problematic behaviour since they admitted to a mental health treatment last summer, which has boosted the chances of Miller appearing in the movie in the future.

Miller’s caught in legal troubles when they faced legal issues in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and North Dakota.

The Fantastic Beasts star has also been accused of throwing a chair at a woman, grooming minors, and charged with felony burglary and other misconduct.

The 28-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charges, and the next hearing for the case will be on January 13.

However, the barrage of controversies led Warner Bros. to mull Miller’s replacement in future DC films. The company, at one point, also considered scrapping the film altogether.

But them apology to WB executives in August, and promised to seek therapy led they reportedly return to the set for reshoots on The Flash in October.

Ezra Miller-led The Flash is set to open in theatres on June 16, 2023.

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