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The English dub trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume is for closers


Like everyone from her town in Kyushu, 17-year-old high school student Suzume (Nichole Sakura) knows all about the abandoned ruins that aren’t too far from where she lives. The wrecked structure appears to be quite abandoned, though, which is likely why Suzume’s confused when a mysterious man named Souta (Josh Keaton) asks her about them one day. Chance as Suzume and Souta’s encounter at first seems to be, the movie’s trailer spells out how fated it actually is — and how the two of them will have to work together in order to prevent some sort of magical calamity by closing doors “in lonely places where no hearts remain.”

While the trailer doesn’t go into detail about what kinds of disasters Suzume and Souta are racing to prevent all across Japan, it does spotlight how an adorable talking cat named Daijin (Lena Josephine Marano) curses Souta by turning him into a stool missing one of its legs. The trailer also makes it abundantly clear that Suzume’s very much going to be a classic Shinkai epic about finding love and having a deep reverence for the world’s natural beauty, and it’s all a reminder that the movie’s April 14th release can’t come soon enough.


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