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Taylor Russell says ‘love’ is her ‘favourite drug’ amid Harry Styles relationship

Taylor Russell has opened up about the addictive powers of love, so long as her partner meets her needs.

The Canadian actor recently spoke to The Face about the type of communication she craves in a romantic relationship, following rumours that she’s dating “Satellite” singer, Harry Styles. While Russell may get weak in the knees for a bit of romance, she confessed that it’ll always be for the person who encourages her to open her heart to them.

“I’m never going to be volunteering all of my feelings. I’m somebody who, annoyingly, complicatedly, needs things to be asked and pulled from me to talk about it,” the 29-year-old admitted, in an interview published on 30 August. “But even then I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, is this too much? Is this too much?’ So I need a partner who is going to do that or else it’s never going to work.”

Still, Russell can’t help her all-consuming obsession with the passion and excitement that love can evoke in a person. Instead, she revealed that love is her powerful drug of choice. “In life, what’s my favourite drug? Does love count?” Russell questioned.

“I mean, love, a lot of the time, feels like a drug. You feel so insane. Being with the person all the time, you’d do anything for them. You’re like, ‘I wanna have all of this stuff with you and I wanna do everything with you,’” she continued. “That feels like [a drug], especially when you’re not in love all the time… I have my distinct loves of my life and so I can remember the feelings of them pretty specifically and intensely.”

Though the movie-screen regular noted that she never really did traditional drugs during her teenage years or in her 20s, she said she associates the nature of love with the addictiveness of substances.

Russell also pointed out that her adoration for intense affairs doesn’t automatically allow her to be vulnerable with another person. Rather, the Escape Room star said that it takes time for her to give her heart to someone and trust them completely.

“I really want to live an open life and meet somebody and be real and honest and truthful with them. You can’t really live an open life if you aren’t sharing of yourself while you ask another person to share of themselves with you,” the Bones and All actor admitted. “My experience the past couple of years, [with] people I’ve really trusted, things weren’t held in a way that I would’ve appreciated them to be held. And so, that has changed things in me a little bit.”

All eyes have been on Russell after she was caught hanging out with the former One Direction bandmate in London this past June. In July, Russell also appeared at several of Styles’ Love On Tour concerts throughout Europe.

In a conversation with US Weekly, a source detailed how Styles feels when he’s with Russell. “Harry is always smiling when he’s with her,” the insider said, before confirming that the pair had been “dating for a few months.”

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