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Sukihana grabbed attention of the internet again


This time, however, Sukihana went no-holds-barred
This time, however, Sukihana went no-holds-barred

Sukihana has continued to stoke controversy on the internet with her wild antics.

Recently she was caught in an uncompromising position in an NSFW video that went viral on social media.

The apparent attention-seeking video came amidst as she was garnering the support of the internet fraternity after YK Osiris was called out of kissing her by force.

But, now, after the internet personality who has a history of sharing stuff that would rile any social media user has tested the water with literal water, in her case, urine, as she was seen peeing on herself, HotNewHipHop reported.

Meanwhile, Twitter is having a field day after witnessing Delaware’s native young and wild nature on display.

Several users also called out Sukihana for her adult content.


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