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Stray is being turned into a movie

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Stray, the hit Annapurna Interactive game starring a cat, is getting a “feature adaptation” from Annapurna Animation, according to a press release. Annapurna didn’t share much else about the movie — we still don’t know when it might come out or what it might look like — but if you were a fan of the game and looking for another way to experience the game’s universe, now you can look forward to this upcoming film.

In the press release, Annapurna also said that it plans to adapt more Annapurna Interactive titles in the future, though it didn’t specify which games might be turned into movies or shows. Scrolling through the studio’s list of games, there are a lot of good candidates, though; perhaps a Kentucky Route Zero miniseries? A Donut County cartoon? Maybe somebody can find a way to tackle Outer Wilds?

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