Sonu Sood gets slammed by Northern Railways for sitting on the footboard of a moving train

Northern Railways said that Sonu Sood’s video can promote a wrong message among the nation

Dabangg actor Sonu Sood’s video of sitting on a footboard of a moving train goes viral; social media is not happy to see the video.

The actor has not only been called out by the social media users but also the Northern Railways slammed him for pulling out and promoting such a dangerous.

The video came was posted by Sonu himself on December 13. In the video, he can be seen sitting at the door of a moving train and holding onto the railing outside. He sat on the footboard on his toes while looking outside.

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Northern Railways, after watching the video, slammed him and said that his video can promote a wrong message to the citizens of the nation. They also called him a role model for millions.

The Twitter account of Northern Railways wrote: “Dear Sonu Sood, you are a role model for millions of people in the country and the world. Travelling on train steps is dangerous, and this type of video may send the wrong message to your fans. Please do not do this! Enjoy a smooth and safe journey.”

According to IndiaToday, the Mumbai Railway Police Commissioneralso called Sonu Sood’s stunt as dangerous and warned him that this should not be done in real life.  

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