Snoop Dogg applauds Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover photo

Snoop Dogg thinks Martha Stewart’s recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover is “beautiful”.

The 82-year-old lifestyle guru reportedly blew away the 51-year-old rapper earlier this year, when she posed in a yellow puffer cover-up and chic one-piece bathing suit for the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. At the time, the businesswoman and famed cookbook author set the record for the oldest woman to model for the publication’s front page.

Speaking to Insider, Snoop Dogg shared that he couldn’t have been more pleased by the magazine cover, released on 15 May. “She was thirst trapping,” the “Gin and Juice” rapper told the outlet. “I said: ‘Martha, you playing games right now – you thirst trappin’. You go girl.’”

Snoop Dogg – whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr – also admitted that he was in awe of Stewart’s natural beauty, as she was photographed in front of a wall of greenery. “I mean, I couldn’t believe it,” he added. “I had to call her and say: ‘Martha, what’s gotten into you? Or who’s gotten into you?’”

Now, the “Sweat” singer refrains from looking at the images on Instagram, joking that looking at them could only lead to “a lane we both stay out of.”

While the rapper and the entrepreneur have been friends for 15 years, Snoop Dogg isn’t ready to assume the role of cupid in Stewart’s love life.

“She’s picky. I wouldn’t dream of trying to set her up unless I met a f***ing trillionaire,” he told Insider. “I don’t want that on my record that I brought somebody that she can’t stand. No way.”

Stewart’s cover model moment wasn’t her first experience posing for a sultry swimwear photo. In July 2020, the iconic cook went viral after she allegedly posted a selfie in the pool by accident. Still, Stewart’s not one to shy away from assuming her most confident self to take racy pictures.

Speaking with the New York Times, Stewart explained why she decided to accept the opportunity to model for Sports Illustrated. “I thought: ‘I can do this. I don’t have to give in to convention,’” she confessed.

While the Martha Rules author believed in herself, she wanted to prepare for the cover photoshoot too. Between regular pilates classes three days a week and a much-needed spray tan right before the big shoot day, Stewart did everything she could to prepare physically so that she could feel good mentally.

“I had two months, basically, to make sure I felt good enough about the way I look,” Stewart recalled.

“I had to make sure I was ready to pose in a bathing suit. It took a bit of vanity but also a bit of confidence,” she added. “I thought: ‘If I’m feeling good enough physically and mentally to do such a thing, I’m up for it.’”

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