Slap Day 2023: Coming Out Of A Terrible Relationship? 5 Ways You Can Release Your Anger

Getting over a relationship is not easy, especially if there was trauma, hurt or betrayal. (Image: Shutterstock)

While it may sound harsh, Slap Day is a lighthearted day and should not be used as a justification to hurt others.

Valentine’s Week has come to an end. And if you are wondering what about those who don’t like the days of love or are single, here’s the answer: Anti-Valentine’s Week. Yes, February 15 marks the beginning of this week with Slap Day and concludes on February 21 with Break-Up Day.

You may be holding on to anger and resentment over a breakup and you may feel the urge to slap, but, instead, you can choose to slap away your anger and take revenge in a much better way to finally get over your ex.

Getting over a relationship is not easy, especially if there was trauma, hurt or betrayal. But, after a certain point, you will have to move on in your life. You will have to give yourself the chance to heal. Instead of choosing to hurt someone physically, here’s how you can work on your suppressed emotions.

Talk to your friend

Instead of bottling up your emotions, reach out for help from your friends. Talk to them about how you feel. Talking it out with someone will help you address your feelings and make you feel better. Your friends might come up with solutions or just lend their ears.

Journal it

Pick up your phone or your diary, and let your feelings flow out in the form of words. Write how you feel, list down things you are grateful for, or just doodle. Whatever helps you in finding an outlet.

Forgive yourself

You may not have been at fault if your partner cheated on you, or hurt you. You were not wrong to put your faith in them. It is easy to end up blaming yourself for your heartbreak, but you need to heal from the emotional wound. Find ways to forgive yourself. You can consider guided meditation or you can seek help from a mental health professional.

Engage yourself in physical activities

Get your body moving. Be it dancing, swimming, yoga, cycling or kickboxing, sweat it out with some workout. Physical activity can help you vent your anger and keep your mood in check. At the same time, you can stay healthy and burn calories.

Resist the urge to talk to your ex

Maybe you want closure. Perhaps you want to give them a piece of your mind. Or maybe you just want to hear them apologize. No matter what the reasons be, resist the urge to talk to your ex. In case, they message or call you to apologize and want you back in your life, do not respond. Take all the time you need to first heal and manage your emotions. When you feel you are in control, you can probably have a conversation.

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