Shania Twain transforms sweet fan gift into tour outfit

Shania Twain turned a sweet gift from a fan into a tour outfit for her first show in Glasgow, Scotland.

On 22 September, the iconic country singer shared a video on Instagram showing viewers how she transformed a gift a fan gave her into a tour outfit. Twain twirled for the camera, showing off a jacket sewn with multiple patches, which she turned into a dress. Along with her classic, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” in the video’s background, Twain said to the camera, “Now this denim jacket’s been Shania’d.”

She explained to viewers how she “modified” the jacket into a “minidress” paired with a green skirt and boots, “I turned the sleeves upside down. I turned the jacket backwards, and these are Dolce boots that are also turned upside down.” She added, “But a fan did all the patchwork, the embroidery, and everything on the denim jacket.”

Twain showed viewers the patches labeled with the titles of her songs, including “I’m Outta Here!” and “Not Impressed”, referring to the 1998 hit, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”.

“So thank you very much to the fan that sent me the jacket,” she concluded. “It inspired me to get glamorous.” The video then cut to footage of the singer performing on stage and telling the crowd, “I guess you could say I Shania’d it.”

This isn’t the first time that Twain gave fans some backstage insight, in May, she showed fans how she gets ready for her Queen of Me tour while at a tour stop in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the Instagram video and caption, Twain showed that for each show, she created new outfits using previously worn attire.

In the video, the country star donned an outfit that consisted of a long-sleeve pink shirt with polka dots and black sequin shorts paired with a pink wig while putting on multiple necklaces including one with a heart-shaped pendant.

She revamped the look with black chiffon bows behind one hip and one shoulder for an “asymmetrical” look. Once she was satisfied with the outfit, the singer walked over to her pile of miscellaneous items, exclaiming: “We’re putting our scraps to work!”

“Wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what happens before each show backstage!” theMan I Feel Like A Woman!” singer wrote in the caption. “Some of you have already noticed, but I’m creating new looks for every night using outfits I’ve previously worn,” adding that “some of these items have been over 10 years old!!”

Months before, Twain made headlines after receiving backlash for the revealing look she wore to the CMT Music Awards and complaints that she should have dressed more “appropriately.”

Amid the backlash, Twain took a stand against her critics and wrote in an Instagram post, “For me fashion is a powerful tool that helps to convey my personality and express my creativity and other than getting to hang out with my friends for the night, it’s one of my favourite things about attending award shows! Life is too short to wear boring clothes!!”

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