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‘Scream VI’ star Jenna Ortega explains Tara and Chad’s budding romance: ‘really wonderful’


Scream VI star Jenna Ortega explains Tara and Chads budding romance: really wonderful
‘Scream VI’ star Jenna Ortega explains Tara and Chad’s budding romance: ‘really wonderful’

Netflix Wednesday famed actress Jenna Ortega explained her character Tara and Chad’s budding relationship in the film.

Spoilers: As the ghost face killer’s attacks become more intensive, the group grows closer in a number of aspects.

The bond between twins Chad and Mindy grew stronger than ever, Tara and Sam got closer, all four accept Chad’s cheesy but sweet group nickname, The Core Four, and, and above all, Tara and Chad confirmed that a romantic relationship is indeed on the horizon.

In a spoiler segment of Collider’s interview, Ortega was asked about her thoughts on this new element of the film.

“I think it’s just being able to add that layer for Tara, and I think because we’ve only ever seen her in distress for four hours now, I think it’s really wonderful for her to have some sort of relief, and especially in a character as lovely and cool as Chad. Also in the fifth one, we had no interaction at all” she said.

She further continued, “I don’t think we ever talked to each other, so I remember Mason and I being really surprised, but then also really pleasantly surprised when we got to work with one another because, fortunately enough, we kind of get along.”

“Any sort of relationship is good for the evolution of a person, so I think that seeing Tara also have that added layer, I think it adds dimension and makes her more interesting” she added.


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