Sarah Ferguson reveals she hasn’t received invitation to King Charles coronation

Sarah Ferguson said she hasn’t yet received an invitation to the Coronation of King Charles.

She was speaking to Glamour editor Samantha Barry as part of the publicity tour for her new historical novel, A Most Intriguing Lady.

Asked whether she had managed to secure an invite for the historic event, the Duchess joked it’s “TBD” – shorthand for “to be decided” or “to be determined” – whether she will end up being in attendance.

When asked whether she was planning to go, Fergie said: “The invitations haven’t gone out yet. Have they?”

Her interview came a couple of days after Prime Harry and Meghan Markle’s spokesperson said the couple has received the invitation for King Charles coronation.

Sarah Ferguson said, “I’ve decided the best thing about being British around a Coronation – although I’ve never been to one – I think we should, I should set up a tea room at the bottom of the drive with bunting and cakes.”

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