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Sarah Ferguson reveals how cancer ‘changed her life’

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Sarah Ferguson reveals how cancer changed her life

Sarah Ferguson is talking about the positives of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Duchess of York admits she experienced life with a new lens after learning about her illness early on.

Speaking about her ordeal on her podcast Tea Talks, ex-wife of Prince Andrew shared how she discovered about her cancer during a mammorgram.

She explained: “We’re taping the podcast today, but tomorrow I’m going in for a mastectomy, a single mastectomy, it’s very important that I speak about it. So when it airs you will know I’ve been through this.

“I want every single person that is listening to this podcast to go and get checked, to go and get screened.”

The Duchess admitted she went for the routine checkup upon the insistence of her sister.

She added: “Tuesday, two weeks ago, when my sister from Australia, said ‘Sarah, get on with it’.”

“I live in the Windsor area, it was a hot day, I didn’t feel like going to London, easy to put it off and my sister, who’s wonderful and from Australia, I normally do what she says, was so cranky.

“She said ‘no go, I need you to go’. She was ringing me up about something else … and getting forceful with me saying I had to go. And she’s right. Thank you Jane.”

Sarah further added that her diagnoses “a real gift” and has “changed her life.”


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