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Sarah Ferguson laments ‘sad demise’ of Prince Andrew


Prince Harry says marijuana ‘really helped’ him deal with trauma

The Duchess of York has said it is “so sad” to see the “demise” of her ex-husband, the Duke of York, in the eyes of the public.

Sarah Ferguson, who is currently promoting her new novel, opened up about her continued support for Prince Andrew and said it has been “difficult to see” his trajectory after he stepped down as a working royal in 2019, over his links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

It comes after the King is understood to have offered the keys to Frogmore Cottage to Andrew, who is said to be “resisting” any attempt to move him out of his current home, the Royal Lodge.

King Charles III requested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex vacate Frogmore Cottage, which they previously used as their UK residence. He may reportedly offer them a suite of rooms in Buckingham Palace that previously belonged to Andrew.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond claimed that the Prince and Princess of Wales would prefer to have the disgraced Andrew as their neighbour in Windsor over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“They [Prince and Princess of Wales] will be absolutely supportive of Charles’ decision. They probably don’t want Harry and Meghan as their near neighbours,” Bond told OK! Magazine. “I think they’d probably have Andrew,” she added.

Bond’s words follow reports that the King has officially invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to his and the Queen Consort’s coronation this spring.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told The Times that they have received “email correspondence” about the coronation, but no decision has been disclosed about whether they will accept the invitation or not.


Sarah Ferguson says it is ‘so sad’ to watch the ‘demise’ of Prince Andrew

Sarah Ferguson has lamented how “sad” it is to watch her ex-husband Prince Andrew’s “demise” in the eyes of the public.

During an appearance on Good Morning America to promote her new book, the 63-year-old duchess opened up about how she and the disgraced duke have “always been there” for one another.

Read what she had to say below:

Kate Ng8 March 2023 09:19


Inside Frogmore Cottage: the residence at the centre of a new royal row

Over the years, various members of the royal family have lived in the 10-bedroom house, which was first built as a retreat for Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, in 1801.

It is currently known for being the first marital home and UK residence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

My colleague Kate Ng has the full report here.

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Ellie Muir7 March 2023 16:33


Inside Royal Lodge: The 30-room mansion Prince Andrew may have to vacate for Frogmore Cottage

Prince Andrew first moved into the vast property in 2004 and made it his family home. He lives there with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

But it has now been reported that he may have to move out of Royal Lodge, as his brother the King may cut his £249,000 annual allowance.

Kate Ng has the full report here.

Prince Andrew is claimed to be ‘resisting’ calls for him to move into Frogmore Cottage

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Ellie Muir7 March 2023 16:16


William and Kate would prefer Andrew as neighbour over Harry and Meghan, claims royal commentator

A royal commentator has said that the Prince and Princess of Wales would rather have Prince Andrew as their neighbour over Prince Harry and Meghan.

It comes after reports last week revealed King Charles III evicted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, Windsor, and reportedly offered the keys to his disgraced brother Prince Andrew.

In response to the news that the Sussexes could be staying in Buckingham Palace, just 10 minutes away from Kensington Palace where the Prince and Princess and Wales live, English journalist and royal commentator Jennie Bond said that William and Kate would prefer Andrew as their neighbour over Harry and Meghan.

“They [Prince and Princess of Wales] will be absolutely supportive of Charles’ decision. They probably don’t want Harry and Meghan as their near neighbours,” Bond told OK! Magazine.

“I think they’d probably have Andrew,” she added.

Read the full report here.

Ellie Muir7 March 2023 16:01


King Charles ordered Sussexes’ eviction to save monarchy, Piers Morgan says

Speaking on his TalkTV show Piers Uncensored, Morgan said: “Moving to save the monarchy and its reputation from these two flamethrowers, who keep wanting to trash it and burn it to the ground.”
When accused by co-host Tessa Dunlop of “shouting” Harry and Meghan “down”, Morgan said he thinks they are a “malevolent duo intent on fleecing their royal titles for hundreds of millions of dollars” adding that they are causing “damage to their family and the institution”.

Morgan said the King and Prince William are “sick and tired” of being “trashed” by the couple, alluding to Harry’s claims made in his tell-all memoir Spare and his Netflix documentary with his wife, Harry & Meghan.

Discussing whether they should attend the coronation, Morgan said “good riddance” to the pair and expressed that he does not want them to attend the ceremony.
“If I was Charles and Camilla…I wouldn’t trust the pair of them as far as I could throw them,” he said.

Ellie Muir7 March 2023 15:42


WATCH: Where will Harry and Meghan stay in UK after ‘eviction’ from Frogmore?

Frogmore Cottage: Harry and Meghan asked to ‘vacate’ their UK home

Ellie Muir7 March 2023 15:23


Camilla ‘to be called Queen instead of Queen Consort after coronation’

As speculation continues over whether or not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the coronation this spring, it has been reported that the Queen Consort will be known as the Queen instead following the ceremony.

Before her death last September, the late Queen Elizabeth II announced that it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla will be known as Queen Consort “as she continues her own loyal service”.

But a report quoting “insiders” at Buckingham Palace has suggested that the royal may shed the “cumbersome” title of Queen Consort for the “simpler” title of Queen.

My colleague Kate Ng has the full report here:


Ellie Muir7 March 2023 15:02


Digital map to share details of coronation weekend events

People have been encouraged to share how they will celebrate the King’s coronation on a digital map set up by the government.

The public will be able to share events they are hosting over the coronation weekend from Saturday 6 May to Monday 8 May so others in the local community can find out what is happening and get involved.

Get all the details below:

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Ellie Muir7 March 2023 14:46


Harry and Meghan ‘will not appear on Buckingham Palace balcony’ if they do attend coronation

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not likely to appear on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace if they do attend the coronation on 6 May, it has been reported.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s spokesperson has indicated that they have received their invitation to the King and Queen Consort’s coronation via “email correspondence”, but have not disclosed any decision about their attendance.

The Sun now reports that, if they are going to the ceremony, they will not appear in any formal procession or on the balcony along with other working members of the royal family.

This would echo their absence from the balcony during the late Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee celebrations last summer. Harry and Meghan travelled to the UK to celebrate the Queen’s 70th anniversary on the throne but only appeared in public alongside the rest of the family a few times.

Ellie Muir7 March 2023 14:30


‘Impossible’ that Harry and Meghan’s Frogmore Cottage eviction not linked to Spare, royal expert says

King Charles III’s decision to request the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to “vacate” their UK residence cannot be seen as anything other than a reaction to the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, a royal expert has said.

In freelance writer and royal commentator RS Locke’s opinion: “Evicting the Sussex family from Frogmore Cottage is transparently punitive and King Charles wanted the couple and the public to know it.”

Kate Ng has the full report here.

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Ellie Muir7 March 2023 14:15


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