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Samantha Armytage breaks silence on ‘Sunrise’ regrets


Samantha Armytage breaks silence on Sunrise regrets
Samantha Armytage breaks silence on ‘Sunrise’ regrets

Samantha Armytage reflected on her regrets in her eight-year-long career at Sunrise.

Speaking to TV Week, the 46-year-old who quit the Seven program in 2021, said “several” regrets about her time on the show.

“It was a huge risk, absolutely – and I did worry about that,” she told the outlet.

“But I knew at that time that I had to make big changes for my own happiness and sanity.

I also have several regrets about [moments] when I didn’t stick up for myself,” she added.

The TV host also said, “I’ve had time away now from that spotlight, and I regret not standing up for myself more.”

Previously, Armytage said she felt a “giant relief” after leaving the role.

“So many people want those jobs that, when you walk away from a big one, everyone goes, what?!” she told the magazine.

“But I’m very proud of myself for doing it. And I’m quite chuffed at how people have reacted; and by that I mean my friends and family and also people I don’t know on the street. I haven’t been on air for two years, so people could have forgotten me.”


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