Sahir Ali Bagga drops poster of his upcoming music video

Sahir Ali Bagga reveals poster of his upcoming music video 

Sahir Ali Bagga is about to release his brand-new song called Washmallay. He has paired up with Aima Baig who performed at Pakistan Super League’s opening ceremony. He calls it a “magnificent combination of our three great languages.”

Talking about it, he said, “The yet-to-be released song, titled, ‘Washmallay’, is one of Bagga’s most ambitious and challenging projects to date with longtime collaborator Aima Baig. It features lyrics in Urdu and Punjabi with an added touch of Balochi.”

He further added, “Washmallay encapsulates a sweet yet civil interaction between two lovers complemented by a special beat we call the Pakistani or ‘Leva’ beat. We have somewhat modified the beat for listeners to enjoy. It’s truly amazing what we have created, and I hope our fans will enjoy the latest offering.”

He concluded, “The song is a festivity in its own right. The music video is larger than life as well, showcasing and promoting our amazing culture in the best possible way. Even the lead singers, that being Aima and myself, are grooving in a way that’s very much authentic to our culture.”

The music video is directed by versatile director Adnan Qazi who has used his potential for art to the fullest for music industry for decades. 

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