Roman Kemp shares Lewis Capaldi’s response to Glastonbury set: ‘It was really hard’

Picture: Jo Hale/Redferns

Capital FM Presenter Roman Kemp has commented on Lewis Capaldi’s lyrics-forgetting incident during his Glastonbury performance, stating it was painful to witness.

Lewis Capaldi struggled with the lyrics of a song during his performance at the Worthy Farm festival

However, his friends and fans rallied around him, picking up the lyrics and singing them back to the singer as loud as they could.

After the performance, Lewis called it “a s**t show,” but his best friend Kemp was quick to offer his support, giving him a call to say well done. 

In an interview with Metro UK, Roman expressed his sadness, stating, “It was really hard to watch and really, really sad.” 

Roman admired Capaldi’s decision to step away and said, “I am proud of him. It is lovely seeing him up there, and it’s lovely seeing the crowd supporting him.”

Following the incident, Lewis decided to cancel all his upcoming gigs, explaining that he is “still learning to adjust.” 

Roman praised the camaraderie of the moment when the crowd took charge of the song while Lewis was unable to perform it.

Roman revealed the details of his conversation with Capaldi after he left the stage, mentioning that he motivated his friend by saying, “You were wonderful.” 

Responding to Capaldi’s opinion about taking a break, Roman assured him, saying, “Look at the number of people out there; they are not going to forget you.”

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