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Roblox’s CEO predicts “thousands” of adults will meet in Roblox dating experiences

10. A Fortune 500 company will use a Roblox experience as part of their recruiting process

9. A school will integrate a full K-12 curriculum with Roblox, including language classes with schools in other countries and virtual field trips

8. For 17+ verified people in 17+ experiences: Thousands of adults will meet for the first time in Roblox dating experiences and subsequently form real life relationships

7. Roblox employees will spend more time using Roblox for remote meetings than with video

6. We will share a universal civility metric, and show that for most players, it increases over time

5. Some Roblox creators will make more money from selling physical merchandise on Roblox than virtual merchandise

4. Roblox will be a frequent communication channel for my family

3. A top fashion designer will be discovered on Roblox, without having any experience in physical fashion

2. A musician will perform live to over 1 [million] people on Roblox, using a phone for motion capture

1. A Roblox developer will be valued at $1 [billion]

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